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This is a two year half-day program available to Juniors and Seniors. This is a hands-on course geared towards giving students entry-level job skills in carpentry and related trades in the construction industry. This course covers all aspects of building renovations with all class time spent on the job-site. Students will take part in a project from deconstruction to detailed finish work. This program will introduce students to the field of historic preservation and related topics.

Upon completion of this course students will be prepared to enter a construction trade or continue post-secondary education at a technical college or university. Through an agreement with Vermont Technical College program, completers are guaranteed admission into the Construction Management and Practices Program at VTC.

During the program students will have the opportunity to obtain nationally recognized certifications and attend trainings in a number of areas.
Student accreditation will also be obtained through the National Center for Construction Education & Research. Students will earn national certification in the Core Curriculum for Introductory Craft Skills.

The following areas are emphasized:

  • Safety
  • Principles of new construction
  • Building remodeling and restoration
  • Carpentry tools and equipment use
  • Building materials and hardware
  • Residential plumbing, electrical, heating

Students will be graded on bringing a job to completion in an efficient and craftsman-like matter. It is to be understood that the completed job must be at an industry standard that is to be determined by the instructor. Students are graded along the way to job completion and not just on the finished product. Task will be graded during the job process, which includes safety, material use, time management and problem solving ability.

Students will be responsible to follow all class rules and class policy that are distributed at the beginning of the school year and reviewed with the instructor and students’ parents. Everyone must recognize that a job-site is much different than a classroom and proper attitude must be maintained at all times. A Carpentry and Building Construction textbook will be utilized in conjunction with the NCCER Core Curriculum.

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Industry Recognized Credentials

  • OSHA 10
  • First Aid / CPR
  • EMP essential maintenance for lead paint
  • Chain Saw Safety GOL (game of logging)
  • DOT Flagging certification
  • CDL Basics Commercial Driver License
  • National Safe Tractor and Machinery operation Program NSTMOP
  • National Center for Construction Education & Research IRC
  • Welding 30 Hours White Mountain Community College


This class coupled with other classes will give students a well-rounded education in the construction trades. Recommended courses to be taken prior are Home Repairs and Maintenance, Woodworking I and Construction & Design.

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