Covid-19 Information

  • Covid-19 Testing: Test-to-Stay Consent Links

    Please complete both links below to register your child for our TTS program. Students should report to the MPR upon arrival to school for the TTS program.

    Agency of Education testing consent form
    Register for your test

  • Keeping Students Safe: 2021-22

    This letter from Superintendent Karen Conroy explains how the Essex North Supervisory Union will work to keep students safe this year as we manage challenges from Covid-19.

  • Guidance from Vermont Organizations

    On a state level, the Vermont School Boards Association and the Vermont Superintendent's Association have shared "Covid Safety Rules Guidance" to offer guidelines for how schools around Vermont can maintain a safe environment for their students.

  • District Authority to Require Masks

    Secretary of Education Dan French released information at the start of the school year that explains school districts' authority with masking requirements.


If you have questions or concerns about your child's health, please contact the school at 802-266-8910 or send us an email.

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