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Advanced Integrated Manufacturing

4 Credits 

Manufacturing in the United States – and the world - has changed rapidly over the past decade as machines and computers have taken over jobs and responsibilities traditionally held by workers. This program focuses on helping students understand and succeed in this rapidly changing sector of the world economy by teaching them critical thinking, problem solving and team work skills. Programming will take students all the way through the stages of production, manufacturing, and distribution. They will work with a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastics to design and then produce. Diverse methods of design will be utilized including software technologies, electronics and coding. Production methodologies will include 3D printing, machining and laser engraving/cutting. Through mentorship opportunities, job shadowing and interaction with industry representatives, students will be exposed to multiple career paths and post-secondary courses of study. This is a two year career and technical education program that provides foundational skills and knowledge coupled with co-operative work experience, job shadow opportunities and college exploration. This program enables students to gain the necessary background to obtain entry-level employment in these fields and/or pursue post-secondary education through both classroom and hands on experience in activities that are geared towards today's workforce jobs. Though attending for a semester only is allowed, successful program completers will attend for two blocks, full year, for two years. Eight total credits will be awarded upon successful completion of the full two-year program. Students will earn one math credit and one career credit upon successful completion of the program 

Industry Recognized Credentials (IRCS) – Advanced Integrated Manufacturing (as well as the other CTE programs) offers students opportunity to receive a number of Industry Recognized Credentials. 

  • Woodworkers Career Alliance (WAC)
  • Game of Logging (Chainsaw Safety) Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • OSHA-10 
  • Welding (30 hours through White Mountains Community College)
  • CPR/First Aid/AED
  • NIMS Machine Level
  • Conover Workplace Readiness

These real-world, adult level IRCS give many of our students a noticeable advantage when entering the workforce or college. 

The following areas are emphasized 

  • Shop safety 
  • Machine/Tool use & safety 
  • Fabrication Equipment use & safety 
  • Fraction and ruler skills 
  • Creativity

Students will be graded on completed projects as well as in an efficient and craftsmen like matter. It is to be understood that the completed job must be at an industry standard that is to be determined by the instructor. Students are graded along the way to job completion and not just on the finished product. Task will be graded during the job process, which includes safety, material use, time management and problem solving ability. Students will be responsible to follow all class rules and class policy that are distributed at the beginning of the school year and reviewed with the instructor and students' parents. Everyone must recognize that a machine shop is much different than a classroom and proper attitude and safety must be maintained at all times.DSCF5902

PREREQUISITES: None, although Woodworking I is recommended prior to taking this course.



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