October 5, 2022


Open House

Canaan Schools would like to invite you to our 2022 Open House, which we will be hosting on October 6th at 6pm. We are excited to announce that this year we will be returning to an in person Open House.


6:00-6:30- In the Gym.
Enjoy some Cider and Donuts as you visit stations for the various school organizations here at Canaan Schools.

6:30-7:00-Visit teachers in their classrooms.
This is a great opportunity to see where your students are learning and meet their teachers. This time is meant to be a quick meet and greet with each teacher, if you would like to schedule a longer meeting time, the teachers will have sign up sheets

Special presentation

Remembering Our POWs and MIAs

On Friday, September 16th, our students and staff gathered in the gym for a special presentation. Members of the American Legion Post 47 came to our school to perform a ceremony of remembrance for our countries POW and MIA soldiers.

Canaan Memorial High School is one of the few schools in the country that has a POW and MIA memorial on school grounds. During the presentation the students and staff of Canaan learned the meaning of each part of the memorial, and why it is so important to keep these men and women in our thoughts and our hearts.

Thank you to all the members of Post 47 for helping to make this special moment happen.

American Legion Post 47
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.08.07 PM

Staff Corner

Chris Damato
Career and Technical Education Director

The 2022-23 school year is Chris’s second year as the CTE Director. Chris grew up in Vermont and Texas, and has served as an educator in both those states. Before coming to Canaan he served as a Social Studies teacher, worked in adult education, and was the assistant CTE director at Green Mountain Technical Center.

Along with leading Canaan’s CTE department, Chris oversees our students’ work based learning experiences. Through work based learning our Juniors and Seniors take part in internships at local businesses. Last year Chris secured a $300,000 grant from the New Hampshire Charitable fund to improve the entrance way to the center, upgrade our offsite locations, and invest in workplace

Student Service Days

In keeping with the theme of honoring the members of our armed services, the students of Canaan Memorial High School will be taking part in two days of service this year, one to coincide with Veterans day, and one to coincide with Memorial day. Students will remember the men and women who served our nation by “paying it forward” and serving their local community. We will be spending these days doing community service projects, and if you have a project that we may be able to help with, please reach out to Chris Damato at [email protected] or Chuck Patterson at [email protected]

2022-23 Application


If you haven't yet done so, please complete a 2022/2023 Application for Free and Reduced Price school meals.  Click on the link below or call the school office to request a copy if you don't have the copy mailed to you this summer.

School Intruder Drills

In the coming weeks we will have our first school intruder drill. This drill will be instructional based, and school staff will be leading age appropriate discussions with their students about what to do in the case of a school intruder. Drills and conversations of this nature can often cause anxiety in students. It is important to talk to your children as they process these events.

Please take a look at the following resources to help you better understand these drills and talk to your child about them:

Talking to your kids about lockdown drills

View Our Title I Presentation

Learn about Title I and how it relates to our schoolwide goals.

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