School Counseling

All Canaan Schools students have access to a Guidance Counselor who is trained to advise them and their families in the following areas:

  • Maintaining permanent records and reviewing them when requested or appropriate.
  • Explaining standardized test results.
  • Helping with personal or school-related problems in a confidential manner.
  • Providing guidance in career and secondary education choices.
  • Facilitating sessions where students can improve their relations and interactions with other students and/or teachers.
  • Helping students and families select courses for the upcoming school year.
  • Preparing and sending required forms (transcripts, etc.) for college applications.

As an information center, the School Guidance Office provides counseling and literature relevant to career planning, college selection, and financial aid/scholarships. Students receive both individual and group assistance in academic and vocational planning.

The School Guidance Counselor works closely with parents, teachers, and local community agencies to provide an education tailored to each student’s needs and interests in tandem with their Personal Learning Plan (PLP). Referral services are also provided to the proper agencies when further assistance is deemed necessary.

Additionally, the Counseling Office is responsible for the establishment of Work-Based Learning opportunities (structured educational experiences that take place outside of the school environment) as well as for administering standardized tests such as ASVABs, PSATs, SATs and our new IRC addition of ACTWorkKeys.

Helpful Resources

  • Student and Family Opportunities

    Here you can find opportunities that students and families can participate in such as Governor's Institute, financial aid webinars, and job opportunities.


  • Testing

    Here you can find information on upcoming standardized testings (PSATs, SATs, NWEA) and other testings such as ASVABS and WorkKeys.


Upcoming Events


Health Equity

How Can We Help?

If the School Counseling Office can help with your student's learning or pathway to college or employment, please get in touch today.

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