About Canaan, Vermont

Part of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Canaan, Vermont is a small community of 972 people, located on the Connecticut River in Northeastern Vermont. Its picturesque fields, hills, streams, snowshoeing trails, and designated village center make it a safe and quiet place to live and enjoy life. Canaan is bordered by New Hampshire to the east and Quebec to the north, and many consider it to be the "real" Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Town of Canaan, VermontMost residents are employed by local businesses, the school system, or in the tourist and logging industries.  Throughout its 225 year history, Canaan has provided its inhabitants with superb water and sewer service, roads, schools, libraries and recreational and cultural activities.

People in Canaan take pride in their independent nature, but often come together to enjoy local festivals, athletic tournaments, sugar on snow socials,  art in the park exhibits, historical presentations, parades, variety shows, dances, church suppers, and more. To learn more about Canaan and all it has to offer, visit its website at canaan-vt.org

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See photos of Canaan and learn more about our special town by reading this article in the Milton Independent.

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